The Tractor Supply Company (known as TSCO or TSC). Established in 1938, the company sells a wide range of products such as agri-products, home improvement products, gardening, livestock, and horse, and pet products to farmers and ranchers, animal owners, and Owners. TSCO operates 2,000 stores and is based in Brentwood, TN. The company trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol TSCO and is among the Fortune 500.


Information About Fees

To Evaluate

The Tractor Supply Credit Card Account Agreement includes the following fees:

Transaction fees for cash advances

When you use a convenience check, you receive money from an ATM or through a bank or financial institution using the card that gives you a cash advance.

You will also receive a cash advance when you make a wire transfer, purchase a money order, traveler’s check, lottery ticket, casino chip, or similar item, or perform any similar transaction.

For each cash advance, a transaction fee equal to 5% of the cash advance amount, but not less than $10, will be charged.

Late Charge

A late payment fee is added for each billing period where you have a previous payment. The fee is $25 or $35 for each additional prepayment during the next six billing cycles after a prepayment.

As a result, if you are several months late with your payments, you will pay a late payment rate of $35 per month until you are over six months late with your payments.

Ransom Fee

A refund fee will be charged for a refund. A refund is an unpaid paycheck or electronic direct debit. Citibank may also charge this fee if your payment is resubmitted and is not refunded on resubmission. The fee is $25; or $35 for each subsequent refund within the same billing cycle or the next six billing cycles after a refund.